Hi Everyone - Elaine and Mike here. Teachers now have the option of taking the FTCE Reading K-12 (035) test in place of Reading Endorsement professional learning. Learn more by clicking on the links below for the official FTCE Reading K-12 test blueprint from the FLDOE, as well as our book and companion online course, Master the FTCE Reading K-12.


The new option for Florida's Reading Endorsement requirement allows teachers to take the FTCE Reading K-12 (035) Test in place of 300 hours of reading endorsement professional learning courses. Passing this test gives you a full reading certification, not just an endorsement, which can open up new opportunities.


The FTCE Reading K-12 tests teachers on 9 competencies and 44 specific skill sets. The competencies require teachers to know foundational reading theories, text types and structures, reading assessments, learning environments, knowledge of oral and written language acquisition, phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, fluency, and reading program implementation.


The FTCE Reading K-12 test consists of 120 multiple choice questions in four different formats; scenario questions; text analysis questions; direct questions; and sentence completion questions. These types of questions are explained in detail in our online course and book, Master the FTCE Reading K-12.


Preparation Strategies are important when taking any type of test. Reviewing the required content over a period of time, planning your study time, and knowing the key words and test taking strategies are explained in our online course and book, Master the FTCE Reading K-12.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Elaine Chandler holds a Master of Science Degree in Literacy, is certified, and practices in both Florida and New York. She has worked at schools and colleges as a teacher and adjunct professor, and at global education publishers, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and McGraw-Hill as an education consultant and teacher trainer.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Michael White holds a Doctorate in Educational Psychology, and consults with school systems throughout the country on issues relating to standards based instruction and assessment. He is the author of five books and numerous articles on standards, data teams, state assessment, and effective instruction.

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We know how expensive and time consuming the certification process can be for teachers. That's why we want you to know the facts and make an informed decision about your professional growth. Get the details on Reading Certification (more opportunity) versus Reading Endorsement (an add-on).