Be Socially Brilliant: the 2019 Inspirations Calendar


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365 stunning images with social emotional learning and kindness sayings, based on the five categories of social wellness that will save you hours of time researching, uplift everyone, and create an automatic habit of positive thinking to help everyone stay on track every day of the year. The social skill concepts that we all need to know are layered and distributed throughout the year, so they come up on a rotating basis. The Inspirations include skills such as, social awareness, emotions, self discipline, self motivation, problem solving, communication, relationships, teamwork, kindness and respect.

intro to peackeepers for kids: watch now

Peacekeepers for Kids is an on demand video course with 10 fun and upbeat cartoons to teach kids social emotional skills. This introductory video will guide you through what kids will learn. Included is a 76-page teaching guide with scripted lessons, comics, and downloadable worksheets. The exercises can be written on paper, or viewed on the screen. It's a great value at $49 and perfect for all ages! Click the Paypal link below for access to this course.

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intro to SEL for the workplace: watch now

SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING: SEL IN THE WORKPLACE, an 4-Part video training series with downloadable PDFs that outlines how to find the few, key defining social and emotional aspects of your organization's unique work culture, so that you can recruit the right staff, retain the good workers you have now, and increase productivity and your bottom line. Watch this 1-minute video for an introduction to this training, and click the link below to purchase.

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FREE interactive video ebook: watch now

PEACE IN MY HEART MEANS I'M EMOTIONALLY SMART is an interactive video ebook on social emotional learning for kids. Soft music plays in the background while each page turns itself, waiting for the adult playing the video to read it out loud, just as you would if you were reading a print book to a child. Return to this site to watch as many times as you like, or watch on YouTube.




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