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peacekeepers for kids is well structured


Peacekeepers for Kids is a Well Structured Social Emotional Learning Plan.

It enables you talk to kids about social emotional learning situations in real time. The steps are straightforward and conducted in manageable chunks.

It is Easy to Implement and Maintain.

It takes 5-15 minutes daily for approximately two weeks, and is then easily maintained all year. Conduct the lessons during the morning routine, after recess, or end of the day, and get the full year social emotional expectations done and out of the way.

It Helps Students' Achievement.

Once students have social emotional skills and a peaceful environment, they can focus on academic achievement. All you'll need to do is give random reminders, or incorporate some simple SEL activities into ELA, SS, or Science standards.

It is Aligned to State Benchmarks.

Some states have published SEL guidelines, standards, and/or benchmarks. The most common benchmarks are: (1) develop self awareness and self management skills essential for success in school and life; (2) use social awareness and interpersonal skills to develop positive relationships; (3) demonstrate ethical decision making skills and responsible behavior in personal, school and community contexts.

Why do I need peacekeepers for kids?

So you can have a peaceful classroom and focus on teaching, not discipline.

So you can give students the gift of greater understanding in an area they want to know about and impact their lives forever.

So you can be a step ahead in fulfilling your SEL teaching requirement.

Peacekeepers has choices to support your needs

Choose 10 Story Videos


Use just the 10 story videos with downloadable pdfs. Do the exercises directly from the video by pausing it, or use the pdfs for student writing response.

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Choose Full Teaching Guide


Add the full 76-page, full color teaching guide with pacing chart, scripted lessons, blank masters and posters.

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Get Help If You Hit a Snag


I'm available to talk with you over the phone, online or in person. Set me up with your grade level team or full school assembly.

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Peace of mind.

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