2019 Inspirations calendar

Be Socially Brilliant and Emotionally Intelligent

The Dalai Lama said, "We need an education of the heart." Many of us agree and most want it. To have it, we need to feel inspired, and we need to feel inspired day after day. But with our hectic schedules and the ups and downs of life, this is no easy task.

At home in the morning, we only have a few minutes, and sometimes a few seconds, before the kids are off to school and the adults are off to work. We try to have somewhat of a mindful or pleasant conversation, but in the morning rush, it’s hard to get in a few words outside of scheduling reminders. Anymore than that, and the conversation can turn awkward.

Making a Lasting Impression

One way to make a deep and lasting impression is to promote a well-thought out inspirational message that will help everyone start the day off right; a kind of Wheaties for the soul. Just spouting any message won’t work, but combining a thoughtful message with a beautiful image that portrays an analogy, works incredibly well. 

What Happens When a Life Lesson is Combined with the Right Image

What happens when a life lesson is combined with the right image? We:

  • get instantaneous understanding
  • discover an answer to a situation 
  • let out a full belly laugh, 
  • fall deep into thought 
  • spark a question and/or discussion

Why Well Thought Out Inspirations Work

Why do well thought out inspirations entertain us, make us think, and stay with us?

  • They use good wording to express the idea  
  • They help us understand a complex concept
  • They spur our “ideal self,” to help our “actual self” remember to be mindful 

Searching for a thoughtful and important life message and image to go with it can take a tremendous amount of time and effort. I know, because I spent many hours researching well-thought out and meaningful messages on significant life concepts. When I had enough for every day of the year, I then researched and added beautiful images to help make the point. The result of this hard work was the creation of my 2019 Inspirations Calendar.

The Science of Repetition

According to science, short bursts of inspirations last for a day, which makes these inspirations perfect for each morning. But something wonderful happens when they are repeated over and over again. The repetition creates an automatic habit; a habit that kindles positive thinking, which is internalized over a long period of time. Long term positive thinking has been shown to help with stress management and can even improve health. 

Imparting wisdom is the one of the most important things we can do for kids and adults. I remember a few sayings from my childhood, and I bet you do, too. What if, when kids are older, they can pull from memory many wise sayings about important life concepts? The 2019 Inspirations Calendar will help them deal with conflicts, persist in adversity, show empathy, gain confidence, and flourish in social situations.

Social Emotional Learning Competencies Developed by CASEL

Categories of social emotional learning have been developed by CASEL, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, and address important life concepts, such as:

  • self awareness: identifying one's strengths, limitations, and having confidence. 
  • self management: emotional control, managing stress, and self motivation.
  • responsible decision making: identifying problems and taking responsibility. 
  • relationship skills: communication, social engagement, teamwork.
  • social awareness: having kindness, empathy and respect. 

These categories are layered and distributed across the year in the 2019 Inspirations Calendar, so that each concept comes up on a rotating basis, expressed in a different way. Expressing it slightly differently each time helps train the brain, much like the commutative property of math (3+2=5 and 2+3=5).  

The 2019 Inspirations Calendar comes in PDF format. The first download contains the inspirations for the full year. The rest of the downloads contain the inspirations and images, without dates, so they can be mixed and matched, or used any way you choose. The stunning images include people, nature, animals, sports, and action scenes. They can be projected on a Smart Board (teachers), sent to family members’ phones (parents), and shared on social media (everyone).



Get Inspired Today!

Reflecting on the inspirations and beautiful images in this calendar every day will create an automatic habit of positive thinking that will inspire you and have an impact on your social and emotional well-being. There is a science behind the design that makes it work incredibly well. Get your 2019 Inspirations Calendar today and start feeling inspired!

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